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07/25/11 02:45 PM #1    

Tammy Quinn (McKillip)

 Bummer and yay! Unfortunately, I will not be able to attend yet another class reunion--but the good news is that I will be playing the part of Bloody Mary in South Pacific! (Yes, I'm a rolly-polly lump these days...but I'm still singing:)


I will miss seeing all of you and was really looking forward to the visit. Please give my love to all, and tell everyone to contact me on FB or Twitter--I'd love to hear how it went!



Tammy Quinn (McKillip)

09/19/11 09:48 PM #2    

Caryn Landauer

I will tell you all, that was the most amazing reunion....  Ann, Shirley, Debbie, etc did an INCREDIBLE job..

Hope you can keep this site going...  great great great !

10/03/11 11:32 PM #3    


Julie Jackson (Turrentine)

Thank you for the wonderful 30th MHS Reunion!

Lets meet up in 2021,,WOW talk about changes in our lives.

Hmmmm... my Kathryn will 23, James 19, then my baby John will be 17...and me, hmmmm...Color that grey!

Happy 2011 and soon to be 2012 .........2021 will arrive. 40th, lets see where I will be then!

Thank you once again:)

Go Mustangs





04/20/13 12:16 PM #4    


Julie Jackson (Turrentine)

Thank you Shirley for arranging the 32nd MHS Reunion HAPPY HOUR on April 19th, 2013!


Enjoyed the time and meeting up with those Alumni's who attended:)


Go Mustangs!

05/01/16 12:40 PM #5    


Julie Jackson (Turrentine)

Thank you Shirley for arranging the 35th MHS Reunion at Texas Tavern on April 30th, 2016!

Wonderful to meet up with Alumni's and catching up on past and recent events:)


Go Mustangs!

05/01/16 02:55 PM #6    

Caryn Landauer


Once again,  thanks for putting that wonderful Reunion together.. You gals did a great job!  

I think everyone enjoyed it. What a fantastic turnout !  Looking forward to the next big one, and all things in between.



12/28/16 09:38 AM #7    

Caryn Landauer

Mason Jar is closing THIS week !   Drop by to say Goodbye to the Mason Jar, and  hello to some of our old friends hopefully  TONIGHT.....

 Tonight, Wed. Dec 28th from 5:30 and onwards till ___ whenever.  I will be there with whomever shows up to say goodbye.  So come if you want a drink or if you want to eat or both.(each person pays for their own)  Can call me at 713.301.7291.   

04/30/20 09:54 AM #8    


Willliam Stephens

If anyone is planning a 40th reunion l would love to be informed and included.

10/24/21 08:47 PM #9    

Joe Duncan

It is with great sorrow that I am telling our class about Ron Cochran’s passing last week from cancer but not without him putting up one hell of a fight. Ron has been valiantly fighting a 4-year battle with cancer. It also caused him to have a massive stroke that made it very difficult for him to care for himself. His brother, Donald, and I did everything we could to make him self-sufficient again. His brother is a true champion and is one of the best brothers ever. It is with great joy that I tell you that almost a year ago, we were able to move him to his own residence back in the Woodlands. As of two weeks ago, I got him to stand from his wheelchair on his own. He and I were working weekly on his walking. I truly believe given another two months, we would have had him walking again. At great pain and frustration to himself, he was strong enough to let me take him to lunch at least once a week. It took an hour to get him ready and in my truck. I would let him pick a spot and we would spend as long at lunch as he could physically endure. He truly needed this socializing but please understand that it was both difficult and extremely exhausting to him. His courage was tremendous. I cannot tell you how hard this was on him. He was so strong to face these challenges. We can all be so proud of Ron and how much he endured. He truly enjoyed being a part of the class of 81 and had nothing but great feelings towards our class. We are currently working on a service for him and will give the details as soon as we have them. I can never repay Ron for his friendship. 28 years ago, he introduced me to my wife. We were the best men at each other's weddings. His niece and my youngest daughter are now best of friends at Texas A&M and lived together their freshmen year. I know we were all better because we knew him and called him our friend. Ron, we will all miss you until we see you again. God Bless. Love you, brother.

10/25/21 08:00 PM #10    


Willliam Stephens

Very sorry to hear of Ron's passing.  I was actually hoping to see him at the reunion.  Ron was an interesting fellow to me.  When I first came to Memorial from Ohio, I saw him as a cut-up and a class clown, who was interfering with MY attempts to learn.  Then, a strange and miraculous thing happened: he invited me to a party.  ME, of all people, who looked down at him.  We didn't become best buds after that, but I definitely dropped my holier-than-thou attitude, and considered him a friend.  RIP Ron.  You were cool!

10/28/21 01:37 PM #11    

Caryn Landauer

Hello everyone:

I am looking forward to the reunion this weekend. 

If anyone wants to stop by our Studio-Showroom up the street  in between events: please text or call me  713.301.7291.

I will be in and out !    * five minutes from MHS / Bingle & Voss exit.


1511 Bingle Road,  Bldg. C-1

Houston, Texas  77055                                                    (just North of Westview)  



10/28/21 09:56 PM #12    


Willliam Stephens

Was really hoping to be at the reunion this weekend, but there is just too much bad news coming out of Texas that I could not in good conscience go to Houston at this time.  Oh, well, I suspect no one will miss me.  Have fun time without me, 'stangs!

10/29/21 09:45 AM #13    

Bill Stinner-Trimble

Sorry you won't make it!

10/29/21 10:46 AM #14    

Tracy Cernan (Woolie)

Sorry you can't make it.  


10/29/21 11:57 AM #15    

Deana Buell (Metz)

I'm not attending either but it's certainly not because of the news - just turn it off William and play your guitar.  Music always brings joy.  Cheers to being your authentic self as you've certainly walked a brave journey since high school.

10/30/21 03:02 AM #16    

John Cowan

Hey, William Stevens, I'm with you all the way.  With the Astros down 2-1 against the Braves, I don't see how I could, in good conscience, go to a reunion in Houston either.  And don't even get me started with the Texans!

ps: You'll always just be "Clemson" to me. No school ever had a better fan.

11/01/21 03:45 PM #17    

(Jim) Derek Matjeka

Had a terrific time at the 40th reunion!  Thanks so much for all the work you guys put into it to making it happen and thank you to everyone that came and made it special. I've never been to a class reunion so maybe my expectations were just low (or not, not sure since it was my first), but I didn't expect to have so much fun seeing everyone and catching up. I look forward to seeing you guys, and those who couldn't make it to this one, again at that next one.  Let's not wait 10 years..... 

11/24/21 08:53 AM #18    

Caryn Landauer

Again, thanks Shirley and everyone for that wonderful reunion!!  Was fantastic.

A bunch of folks said they wanted to come to our studio (some out of towners).  So: yes

If in town for Thanksgiving (or the upcoming Holidays and want to drop by our Studio-Showroom  ( 23  years on Bingle Rd/ just north of Westview and really close to MHS. )    I will be in & out today through Tuesday.   

Come by to visit, have a glass of wine or a beer, or just a quick browse.   

Please call or text me 713.301.7291  to make sure the timing works.  

Sincerely, Caryn 

(Images only/ studio has had changes since this photo)   

11/25/21 11:01 AM #19    

John Howell (Howell)

Fantastic party Shirley. Top to bottom. And cudos to getting so many people there. See everyone in 5 or 10. John Howell

05/02/22 12:09 AM #20    


Willliam Stephens

I am wondering if anyone knows whatever became of Diana Goldberg and Missy Maxfield.  If you do, get in touch via e-mail at willliamfstephens@gmail,com.  Thanks!

08/02/22 05:23 PM #21    


Willliam Stephens

Just to clarify, that e-mail address should be

with 3 "l"s in "willliam".

09/21/22 12:39 PM #22    

Paula Woodard (Ong)


Do you remember the 21st night of September?  This song brings back fun, light hearted memories of formals and proms.  Have a happy 21st night of this September, y'all.

09/22/22 08:47 PM #23    

Dee Anderson

That's wild thanks Paula! What GROOVY outfits! Good fun! LOL, Dee Anderson


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